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There are two important qualities you should have to better your life: the power of positive thinking; and having a positive attitude.

When you focus on what you want and come up with a plan on how to get it, you are in more control of your life. Feeling and being in control of your life will always bring a more positive attitude.

Also, when you think about something that makes you happy, your brain releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, thereby causing a positive attitude. Endorphins are your body’s natural drug and when they are released, they cause a natural high. Exercise also releases endorphins and exercise has been proven to cause people to be happier, thereby allowing them to be more optimistic and more positive.

It has also been proven that happy people have a special quality that enables them to live a better life. The quality is that of optimism. Positive thinking.

Optimism is actually a learned quality. You can learn to be a more optimistic person and think more positively the majority of the time. Of course there will be times when this is more difficult, but it is certainly attainable. You just need to practice.

Happy People Focus on the Good in the World

Positive people have different ways of dealing with the world that distinguish them from others.

Positive people look for the good in whatever problem or difficult situation come their way. When things go wrong and in all reality, at times they will, positive people look to find something positive about the situation. I personally do this ALL OF THE TIME. And you know what? It really works!

The fact is when you look for something positive in a difficult situation or something good in any difficult person you meet, you will undoubtedly always find it.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Every setback back honestly has a valuable lesson. Instead of getting upset, take control of your emotions and look to see what you can learn from what you are experiencing. I recently had an illness that debilitated me for many weeks. I looked for the reason. I realized that I needed to go through that experience in order to accept another situation that I had dealt with in my life. There is ALWAYS a lesson to learn.


Change the Way You Look At Things

Do you see the glass half full or half empty? From this moment on, raise your glass and see it as half full.  There are so many blessings to be thankful for. Focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have. This is such a crucial thought process to live a happier, more positive life.


Will there be people that you just don’t mesh with? Will there be complete strangers that you come into contact with that simply annoy you? Of course. From now on instead of getting yourself aggravated and thinking negative thoughts certain people, realize this: MOST people that you encounter on a daily basis are honestly good people. Don’t let others destroy your inner peace. Stay focused. Stay positive.

Start a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a blank notebook where you write down a list of things for which you are grateful. Every night, before you go to sleep, write down a list of five things that happened during the day that you are grateful for. Some nights, those five things just jump onto the page. On other nights, it may be difficult to even think of two things. It is at that moment that you need to realize how blessed you are to have food to eat or a comfortable place to sleep at night. It is at that moment that you remember that you have clean, running water. No matter what, you need to sit down and write down these five things every single night without any exceptions. It will change your life!

When you do this, you actually start to set your attitude for the next day. You subconsciously become aware of things for your journal each night. You will start making mental notes for your journal. It’s becomes a private quest, a private game. A game you will always win!

In essence, you become a gratitude magnet. And oddly enough, the law of attraction sets in.  Positive things start to find you. You learn to be grateful, accepting and open to things that come your way.

Honestly, please try this one. Try it for one month and see how this changes you and your attitude. I promise you it will. Let me know!

And please remember this:  If you look for the good, you will always find it.


I hope this post has inspired you.

Blessings, Peace and Positive Thoughts.