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Style can be so powerful.

My passion for fashion hasn’t always been what it is now. Growing up it was the usual wear-what-your-mother-bought-you wardrobe.  I remember when I was in junior high and high school wanting to wear the “in” fashions but my mom unfortunately did not share my vision. We never saw eye-t0-eye where fashion was concerned. She simply doesn’t have a passion for fashion. I do. BIG TIME. The good thing is now I get to show it. I’m now a fashion stylist (as you can see on my About page). I now wear what I want. One perk of being an adult!

I remember many times in my teen years getting dressed for school and my mom would say “What are you wearing?” Or “You can’t go out looking like that!” Or “Are you wearing that again? Pick something else.” You can’t imagine how many times I’d walk out the door unsure of myself. Definitely not a good feeling.

There were times that I’d take clothes out of my closet for her to donate and she’d insist how nice they were, how nice they looked on me and hung them back in my closet. Fun times.

Let me tell you something. Clothes can change your life. Whether you want to accept this or not, people do judge others by the way they look. An unfortunate, but true statement. More importantly, you actually judge yourself by the way you look.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Damn! I look fabulous in this outfit!” You walked out your front door knowing you looked good and you felt confident all day. How great would it be to feel like that every single day?

I am going to explain how you can achieve that feeling. Let’s look at how fashion affects each and every one of us in our day-to-day life.


Your Own Personal Style

Style is personal. Style comes from within. You buy fashion but you “do” style. Each of us has a different personality; therefore, each of us will feel comfortable wearing different clothing. Forget terms such as trendy, preppy, or sporty. They aren’t going to be complete representations of your style. All those words do is categorize a particular outfit. Instead of using those terms, use words to describe yourself. Are you daring, laid back, Bohemian?  When you are shopping for clothes, use words to describe yourself and your spirit in order to allow you to choose clothes to try on. Don’t put yourself into a fashion box of any one particular style. Instead, let clothing allow your spirit to soar and shine!

Most of us develop and choose our style around our body size and shape, our hobbies, celebrities we admire, friends, the career we have as well as through a lot of trial and error. These are all acceptable but it is important to choose your style around who you truly are. Stay true to yourself because expressing yourself is an amazing and empowering thing and nothing you truly rock wearing will ever go out of style!

Your Environment and Its Effects on Your Style

People are social beings and constantly need validation. When searching for our style, we may look to friends, family or stylists to validate whether something looks good on us. Once we find our fashion identity, we then begin to look for other validations such as a stranger’s admiration or a compliment. It is during these moments that we make mental notes on the particular outfit we are wearing and decide to wear something similar to that style again.


Style and Confidence

When you know you look good in something, you feel confident and you carry yourself differently. The fact is that when you look good, you feel good and you perform at a much higher level in both your personal and professional life.

Did you know that fashion can actually tweak your mood? Sometimes you wake up and just don’t feel good. You know what? Dress as if you do. Believe it or not, doing this will have an positive effect on your self-esteem and will actually shift your perspective from negative to positive. Honest!

Style and Your Assets

Is there something people compliment you on? Is there a part of your body that you know is downright fabulous? Whether it’s your toned arms, long legs or your hourglass figure, if you wear clothes that compliment your best assets, you will almost always looks stylish.

Style and Money

Having style absolutely does not have to be expensive. I personally own jeans from $20 to over $200. It’s all about outfit combinations and how you carry yourself. It’s not all about the amount of money you spend. You can look fabulous in an outfit that you put together from a high-end department store such as Nordstrom, or a department store such as Marshall’s. A white t-shirt is a white t-shirt. It’s all about the fit and the combinations.

Please don’t dismiss consignment shops either. You can find incredible high-end designer pieces there without having to spend a fortune either! It is important to keep your options open.

Style Inspiration

Fashion inspiration can be found everywhere. The number one thing you can do to improve your sense of style is simple. Look around and observe what people are wearing, the colors they put together, the shoes they choose for their outfit, as well as any accessories.

I’m definitely a people watcher but I also love browsing apps such as Pinterest and Instagram. I love looking through the major fashion magazines. You can browse online.  Fashion ideas are everywhere!


Your style defines who you are and projects your image and confidence to the world. When your outward appearance reflects your inner being, harmony is created.

Own your style and your image. There is nothing more empowering than a strong sense of self-confidence.