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Ever since I could remember, I have always loved dogs. I remember sitting in my parents’ room when I was 4 years old dialing random numbers and asking complete strangers if they had a dog. I think I may have been just a bit fascinated with them.

I never had a dog growing up. As much as my father absolutely loved them, my mother did not. Unfortunately, she won that argument. She pretty much won all of them. But that’s a whole different blog!

No sooner than Rich and I closed on our first home, I found Annie. She was a Golden Retriever and lived to the ripe old age of 16 1/2!

We also had the pleasure of loving our Molly (another Golden Retriever), who lived to be 12.

Annie is on the left, Molly on the right.


Our dogs that we now blessed with are Darci, our Maltese who is 10 years old, Oliver, our Golden Retriever who is 6 1/2 years old, Teddy, our Morkie who is 3 1/2 years old and Bentley, our Border Collie/Black Lab who is 7 years old. Bentley is our rescue dog.


In the summer of 2011,  my little guy Joshua, had an ear infection. On the way back from the doctor, he was quite sad that he wasn’t able to go swimming with his brother and his dad. Right before we got home I saw a sign for a pet adoption. I asked Joshua, very innocently, if he wanted to go look at the puppies knowing this would bring a smile to his face. Mission accomplished!

When we walked up to the storefront and saw all of the rescue dogs needing homes, I was immediately heartbroken. To hear about them is one thing, but to see them all is another.

When I knelt down to pet a gorgeous Golden Retriever mix, another dog came up to my right side and put his head on my shoulder and stared at me. There he was. Bentley. I then sat down and he crawled into my lap. How could I possibly turn away from this sweet precious soul who obviously craved love and needed a home so desperately? His first few years may not have been ideal but from the moment that boy looked at me, everything for him changed.

Rescue dogs are amazing. They KNOW. They are deeply grateful and make sure they let you know it every moment of every day.

Whether they are rescue dogs or not, dogs in general are amazing blessings. Whether we rescue them our not, I truly believe every dog blessed with a loving and safe home have been rescued. And not only do we rescue them, but in a way, they rescue us too.