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In simple terms, self-motivation is the force that drives you to get things done. Motivation is the desire to do things. It is the crucial element in setting and achieving personal goals.

Your success in life will almost entirely depend upon whether you are able to motivate yourself. Fact: a self-motivated average person will always outperform a genius who is unable to get moving.

Self-motivation is similar to that of a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it will become. Similar to that of a muscle, in order to work to its potential, it needs to be exercised in various ways. When motivation is exercised properly, it is then that it will serve your goals.

Regardless of where one is in life in terms of things such as age, weight, career, finances or marital status, many of us need self-motivation tips to be successful.

Many things are required to be successful, such as experience, education, financial support or connections. The most powerful thing needed for success is an interior force which is entirely in your control. It is self-motivation. The fact of the matter is: it doesn’t matter what you know, who you know or where you are. Self-motivation is necessary to be successful.

I am going to discuss some methods for you to strengthen your self-motivation.

Surround Yourself with Motivated People

Surround yourself with people that will inspire you. These people will provide motivation to help you achieve your goals. They will empower you to make the necessary changes you need in order to succeed. When you surround yourself with motivated people with goals, you too will want to achieve your own goals as well. People with the same goal can be powerful. Being part of a team increases our determination, stamina and courage.

Goal Identity

Reachable goals are specific goals.

In order to get motivated, your first need to figure out your specific goals. Get as specific as possible. Whether it’s a change of career, going back to school, getting in shape, or finding a significant other, make sure it is an attainable goal. Your brain can help you accomplish anything if it knows precisely what it is you are aiming for.

Goal Timeline

Once you have decided upon your attainable goals, write them down. Next to each goal, write down a realistic deadline. The goal doesn’t need to be met by the exact date you choose. It is simply a time frame. When you have a time frame, psychologically you play a private game and you start to hold yourself accountable. When you write your goals down with a realistic deadline, your goals become real rather than remain thoughts that you simply toss around in your head.

Knowing Why

Knowing the reason why you want to achieve a particular goal will enhance positive emotion. This emotion will bring positive energy to your goal. The more you focus on the reason why, the better your chances of succeeding in reaching your goal.

Plan of Action

It may help to have a planner so that you can see your plan of action. You will see what is expected of you each day to reach daily and weekly goals. This will keep you on schedule and allow you to focus on the end result. This is definitely a way to stay motivated.

Stop Procrastinating

People that have a difficulty with motivation are usually procrastinators. They’ve fallen into the habit of putting things off. This habit is sometimes caused by feeling overwhelmed and that in itself will keep you from taking the steps necessary to reach your goal.

Procrastination is the opposite of inspiration.

A simple change in your thought process from “I have to” to “I want to” will help motivate you. Try it!

Did you ever hear of the Two Minute Rule? If it takes two minutes to do or less, DO IT NOW! Start there. You’ll begin to see a shift from procrastination to motivation immediately.

Visualize Your Choices

If you’re looking for motivation, visualize two paths.

The first path is the one you’ve been on. If you stay on this path you will be exactly where you are now, in a day, a week, a month or a year.

The second path is the path where steps are taken to achieve your goal. Visualize what that looks and feels like. Are you happier? Healthier? Are you more productive? Are you better financially?

Two paths. You have choices. Right here and right now.

Change Your Attitude

We all know that a positive attitude goes a long way. The attitude you have on a daily basis is crucial. It can make you or break you. A negative attitude will drain your energy. If you depleted of energy, you will lose motivation. Rather, start practicing positive thinking. Successful people are positive people. A positive attitude is critical for success.

A positive attitude will bring positive results. A negative attitude will bring negative results. Which attitude are you going to choose?


The reality is that you can spend your life waiting for motivation to kick in. Unfortunately, it may never happen. As I stated, at this moment, you have a choice to take action. Once you take that first step of action, you open up the flood gates of opportunity to embrace motivation.

Remember, there are two paths. One year from this exact moment, you will be another year older no matter what. You are free to choose your path but the choices you make today will affect what you see next year when you look back.

I wish you luck on your journey and I will leave you with this final quote.