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Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in better physical shape or reduce stress, there are many benefits of choosing an online personal trainer over paying for an expensive gym membership with the additional hourly fee cost of a live personal trainer.

The most important aspects of online personal training and why it is an excellent solution for overall health as well as a solution for reaching your fitness goals will be discussed.



The most obvious aspect of online fitness training is that it is super convenient. It is available to you any time of the day or night. If you need guidance, your trainer is always available via email and sometimes via text messaging. You will always receive a response in an acceptable turnaround time.

Another convenience is that there are numerous demonstration and instructional videos available to you online. More often than not, you will be able to find the information you are looking for without even having to email your trainer.

Goal achievement

An online personal trainer will give you a proper program in order for you to reach your goals after an initial telephone consultation/evaluation. Your trainer will ask you numerous questions about your lifestyle, health, any current fitness program, eating habits and medical history in order to determine what exercises are best for you and what nutritional plan will best suit your health.

Personalized workout

This is not a cookie cutter workout by any means. As mentioned earlier, your trainer will personalize your workout and food plan to meet your specific needs and goals. When writing your program, your trainer will consider your present eating habits as well as your schedule in order to design a perfect regime for you.

Personal trainers use their education, knowledge and experience to provide you with tips and recommendations in order to help you develop a healthier lifestyle. They will even share recipes and recommend new foods as well as help you manage menus when you eat away from home.


After your program is finalized, you are not left alone to figure everything out. As stated above, your trainer will respond via email or text to guide you through each stage to ensure that you reach your goal. Your trainer will also explain each exercise each time your workout plan is revised (usually every 2 weeks).


Most fitness plans fail because of one’s lack of motivation. When you have a personal trainer, it is much easier to stay motivated. They are there cheering you on through your entire fitness journey and if needed, your trainer will give you a pep talk to motivate you to get you back on track.


Lack of commitment is a main problem for any fitness program. When you hire a personal trainer, they make sure you are accountable for your actions so that you stick to the program. When you know you are held accountable, you will achieve your fitness goals much easier. Personal trainers care about your health and well-being and they will hold you accountable to take care of yourself physically as well as nutritionally. Remember, the better you look, the better they look!

Non Judgmental Support

Your trainer cares about you and your success. They will provide consistent feedback to help you achieve your goals. Your trainer will never make you feel inadequate and will never be judgmental.

How many times have you walked into a gym and worried about how you looked performing a certain exercise or if your form was on point. How many times have you looked at others and compared yourself to how they look or how they were doing a certain exercise?

When you have an online personalized program, there is no judging. There is no intimidation. Your trainer will also help you acknowledge your success no matter or small when you don’t even see it yourself. Remember, they are rooting for you!


Another aspect that causes the lack of motivation and commitment is lack of variety. It can certainly get monotonous doing the same thing over and over again. Your personal trainer will have you do different exercises each day and they will make sure to change your workout plan every couple of weeks so that you get a variety of exercises. You won’t be bored!

Success Rate

The success rate for weight loss, muscle gain or general fitness goals are much higher when you hire a personal trainer. They are certified instructors and have studied the science that goes behind every single exercise or any food plan which they recommend. In lieu of a trial and error approach that will only cause you frustration, it’s a great idea to hire an expert to write you out a personalized plan of action that is going to work.


This is the best part! Working with a personal trainer will allow you to achieve certain results that you are simply not able to achieve on your own. Your personal trainer is going to develop goals with you and you will be lead down the path of success.

Please be sure to do your research to be assured that the person that you hire is credible. I can certainly recommend my personal trainer. His name is Ralph Remy (he is AH-MAY-ZING) and his email is RalphRemy1@gmail.com. You won’t be disappointed!

I hope this has helped you and I wish you much success on your fitness journey!