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It’s true. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Every single day, events occur which give us the choice of how we choose to respond. Did you know that a single event can invoke vastly different responses from different people? Whenever anything happens, we are always given a choice of either responding positively or negatively. It’s a sad fact that a significant number of people choose negativity even over the most trivial things. Being negative every so often is acceptable but there is no reason to be a chronic negative person. Did you know that negativity has a widespread effect on your quality of life as well as an effect on those who are around you?


Negativity, just like positivity, is contagious. We all have neurons called mirror neurons. Mirror neurons allow us to sympathize with others after observing their facial expressions and/or actions, allowing us to synchronize with each others’ emotions. We are capable of sympathy because our mirror neurons are able to duplicate the pattern of activity of another person’s brain.

Did you ever notice how you feel happy when you are around happy people? The same holds true when we are in the presence of a sad person. A sad person’s mood will dampen our spirits. In a way, you owe it to others to stay positive. Wouldn’t it be better for others to feel happy in your company rather than you being responsible for bringing their spirits down?

Negativity is like a disease, a nasty and contagious disease. Please keep it to yourself. In reality, no one want to contract your negativity.


Negativity is draining. Most humans are sympathetic. Negativity triggers off a person’s sympathy. Most of the time, people cannot ignore a negative mindset because sympathy is actually a form of instinct. It’s something that is wired into our brain. Negativity is like a human black hole. It comes out of nowhere and just sucks the life out of you. No matter how hard you try to stay positive and remain strong, a person’s negativity ends up draining you. You then feel exhausted and you may actually start to feel depressed too. It becomes a vicious struggle.

Negativity can make you ill. When you are negative, your body knows it. The master gland in your brain known as the hypothalamus begins secreting cortisol, causing blood glucose to rise. Prolonged periods of negativity will cause blood glucose levels to remain elevated for long periods of time. This can eventually lead to glucose intolerance and diabetes.

Negative people are stressed people. Stress causes your body to release ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone. This hormone increases your appetite and plays a major role in your body weight. Not only will you seek out a lot more food but more often than not, you will seek out foods that are very high in sugar. I don’t need to tell you that foods high in sugar are very unhealthy. They cause inflammation in your arteries which can then cause clogged arteries. One is then at a high risk for high blood pressure, a stroke and heart disease. Is this worth a negative attitude?

The fact is that negativity is a bad habit. It is something that affects you and those around you. Negativity spreads because we all have mirror neurons and we have no control over it. In the process, we become emotionally drained. Negativity also affects your physical health.

Remember this: For every negative, there IS a positive. Find and focus on the positive. You owe it to yourself and those around you to remain positive.