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Boho lifestyle is mainly about the free spirit, peaceful mind and individualism in terms of fashion. I’m going to take you on a little journey of some Bohemian must-have pieces for your Boho style vibe!

Fringe Necklace

A great fringe necklace is a major piece of the bohemian style. Fringes are usually used to complete the edges of clothing. They serve as a decorative part of your clothes or accessories and allow us to add some length to our style.  This is no exception when it comes to jewelry. Hanging silver or golden strips give a look  dimension and a very Boho vibe.




Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces ooze sexiness as well as that perfect boho style. Suede chokers always give off that gypsy vibe. Here is a great silver dream catcher choker on black suede. And the turquoise accent just adds to and completes the look!





Whether you decided upon earrings or a necklace, feathers are always appropriate for boho style because they undoubtedly represent the free spirit




Drop Hoop Earrings

Drop hoop earrings are essential for boho fashion.  They are so tasteful and so easy for adding style to any outfit whether it’s a pair of boyfriend jeans or a gypsy-style dress.



Animal Pendants

Nature is true to the bohemian. When one wears something representing nature, it oozes bohemian flair! It represents symbolism and they are always very interesting pieces to wear.




Delicate Layered Necklaces

These type of necklaces adds a very feminine and romantic look to any bohemian’s wardrobe. They look beautifully elegant with a white tee or with a dress.



Bold Layered Necklaces

For a bolder look, you can grab a bold layered necklace like the one shown below. It oozes Bohemian!





One of the best things about the boho gypsy look is that nothing has to match and you can get into that over accessorized ring look. You’ve seen this look and now you can own it!

Layering pieces is the art of the wandering lifestyle of the gypsy. Just like you can layer necklaces and bracelets, you can layer rings too. The set below is available in our store. Some are knuckle rings, giving it that layered look. Adjustable too!


I hope this blog has helped you with putting together your look even more! All pieces shown in this blog are available for purchase at www.thegypsygirlboutique.com