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It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Yet unfortunately, our eyes are also one of the first areas to show aging. From those dreaded dark circles and puffiness, to bags and crow’s feet, once we unite the power of peptides and antioxidants, this Mad Hippie Eye Cream which was developed to address these issues really packs a punch!
Do you love natural skin care products? I do. I’m a huge fan of products that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils and that are plant-based.

During the colder months, our skin tends to suffer. We may wind up with dry, irritated skin and the level of brightness in our complexion may have faded. Well ladies, winter is almost over. Let’s rejuvenate your skin starting now!


My absolute favorite skin care line is Mad Hippie. Every single one of their products are absolutely INCREDIBLE and this eye cream is no exception!

Our face, especially our eyes, is the first thing other people notice when they look at us.
If you are looking to protect your eyes and breathe youthful life back into your skin, look no further. Mad Hippie Eye Cream is loaded with the powers of Chamomile, Vitamin C and so much more! Just look at some of the amazing things that you will be putting onto your skin:

Matrixyl Synthe ‘6 – Advanced peptide works to naturally smooth the skin & reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Regu-age – Peptide complex that reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Syn-Eye – Peptide designed to quickly reduce the appearance of both discoloration & wrinkles around the eyes.

Chamomile Extract – Provides thin protective shield, while naturally soothing and calming the skin.

Pomegranate – Potent antioxidant that is a high source of ellagic acid, believed to mediate the effects of ultraviolet rays & even skin tone.

Vitamin C –  Antioxidant powerhouse that aids in the synthesis of collagen, while it works to inhibit photoaging.  Helps reduce the appearance of discoloration while brightening the appearance of the skin.

Wheat Protein – Works to tighten the skin and aid in hydration.

Vitamin B3 – Energizes the skin, helps even skin tone & reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Argan Oil – Natural healing agent from Northern Africa.  High source of vitamin E, essential fatty acids & phytosterols.  Works to moisturize & soothe the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

White Tea – Strong antioxidant with natural anti-carcinogenic qualities that works to neutralize free radicals and help prevent UV damage.

Ceramide – Supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer by forming a thin lipid barrier that holds in moisture, while protecting & healing the skin.

Vitamin E – Contains powerful anti aging & anti carcinogenic properties.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while works to neutralize aging free radicals.

I have been using Mad Hippie Eye Cream as part of my skin care routine for quite some time now. I am constantly being told I look MUCH younger than my age. In addition to eating healthy and exercising, as well as good genes, let’s face it, skin care plays a major role in a youthful appearance.
This eye cream is lightweight, so it doesn’t feel heavy when you use it. It absorbs rapidly and leaves your skin feeling soft immediately upon application without any residue.

If you’re looking for an eye cream with long-lasting effects, I highly recommend you give this one a try!

Available for immediate purchase (as well as many other Mad Hippie products) at http://www.thegypsygirlboutique.com
Would love to hear your thoughts after trying it out!