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Rings should flatter your fingers, whether they are long, short, slender or wide. When stacking rings, you need to consider your nail length and shape. For example, are your nails short or long? Are they manicured more rounded or more squared? As longer nails usually lengthen the appearance of your fingers, narrow rings or styles that extend toward your knuckles will also give your fingers a longer and sleeker appearance.

Stacking rings is one of the hottest trends for spring and summer 2017. The only rule to ring stacking is balance; so make sure you pay attention to maintaining negative space (the space around or between a ring) when stacking.

When it comes to stacking rings, you can stack multiple rings on one finger or you can stack numerous rings across various fingers. Placing multiple rings on one finger is now considered a fashion art form. Just make sure that it feels personal and unique to you.

Mix it up. Mix metals, shapes, colors and sizes. Have fun with it. Start off slowly with something inexpensive such as the rings shown in this blog. This exact set is available for immediate purchase at http://www.thegypsygirlboutique.com